Time And Mortality

Living My Dream

This week, I was met with some heartbreaking news. The first couple of days that passed since learning of it… I struggled with some things. After putting words to paper in poem, I cried. Then, I cried some more and told myself I was okay. That everything was going to be okay. Yet, when you see, hear, or know someone you love is terminally ill… are you ever okay?

The answer for this has not been easy, but in my heart.. I have come to realize that no… I am not, and perhaps it is within reason to believe that no one ever truly is when coming to terms with the concepts of time and mortality.

My mind has been a sea of questions and possibilities as of lately. My heart too, has been the heaviest with the weight of decisions and words that I dare not say, simply because…

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Where’s The Love?

It has been at least a couple months since I truly sat down and read God’s word and reflected on it. This morning, as I was going to begin to try do so some more research and reflecting on James of Zebedee and his brother, John I felt a pull to go another direction. My […]

The Power Of Fear

The Power Of Fear The presence of this new corona virus has caused an uproar, and the response has been alarming. While there is reason for concern, a greater power seems to have struck the hearts and minds of many. That being fear. So during this time of crisis, I am pausing my current study […]

James The Elder

James, like Peter, was known by more than one name. He was also called: One of the “Sons of Thunder James, “Son of Zebedee” The Greater The Apostle James James, Son of Zebedee He was one of four people in the New Testament with the name of James.  What is it though that makes this […]