How Do You See God?

    Reading Week 6 of Jennifer Rothschild’s “Missing Pieces: Real Hope When Life Does Not Make Sense” goes over the question; God, Do You Err? Exploring as well as studying this particular inquiry, I was made to reflect on another question. How Do I Perceive God? What Is My Opinion Of God?  This is […]


I was reading through some blogs this morning. One in particular, by Robert McKenzie. In this particular blog I found a rather valuable lesson in faith.

Thanksgiving is a day that more often than not anymore is one that is discussed as one that has fallen prey to commercialism or a means in which to celebrate racism along with intolerance.

What are we forgetting here?

It amazes me, but it is something too in which I personally have allowed myself to be blind sighted of.

What is that? You might ask.

Well…to put it simply, it is God’s provision. Since the beginning to time when Adam and Eve first walked this planet, God has been providing for His creation. The First Thanksgiving is an amazing reminder of this as we are reminded of the hardship of Pilgrim life, and perhaps life in general back in those times.

There were no grocery stores.

There were no irrigation ditches.

There were no airplanes.

There was not the presence of current medical research.

Looking back and trying to understand this from more of a historical context, it is hard not to see God’s hand in this. These people endured rough voyages, sickness, death, as well as famine. Through it all, they endured as well as survived.

This to me…acts as a testimony of God’s unconditional and enduring love for us.

Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless You This Day



QUOTE (C.S. Lewis) – Nov. 22

Author C.S. Lewis taught me a little lesson in faith this morning. Faith in action and faith in words need to be a partnership. For faith without works is dead. This beautiful quote was a rather vivid reminder of this.

When we go out into the world, how important is our faith? Are we sharing it or are we hiding it?

If today, declaring our faith was the difference between living and dying…would we still hold to the beliefs we claim to have? I wonder… I pray I would.

Source: QUOTE (C.S. Lewis) – Nov. 22