God Answering Prayer: Lessons In How

Important lessons on prayer learned this week:

“You will lose hope if you wait for answers to fill in your empty pieces. The only hope that is real and lasting is the hope that comes from Christ Himself.”

“Satisfaction doesn’t come from answers in your prayer. Satisfaction comes from the encounter you have with God through His Spirit because of your prayer.”

“God will not give snakes and rocks to us because they hurt. What He gives to us, He grants so we can also give.” 

~ Jennifer Rothschild ~

In other words:

God provides for us. He nourishes us and guides us as we grow in our walk in faith in Him. When things do not go as we prayed and hope they will, God is providing our needs in another way. Through our situations, prayers, and supplications God molds our character by giving us the fruits of the spirit. What we receive, we share with others.

That, my dear brothers and sisters is how seeds are sown!

May God Bless You This Day…


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