Is There A God: Investigating God’s Existence

One of the most difficult subjects for a Christian to tackle, is the very existence of God. In a world where seeing is believing, and facts are supported with viable evidence the possibility of a Greater or Higher Power can seem nothing short of a myth, fairy tale, or in a word…UNBELIEVABLE.

This same subject also tends to be the very fuel that adds logs to the fires of pride, wrath, and judgement in the hearts of Christians and people of other or no faith.  Reflecting on my personal upbringing as well as walk with Christ, I realized something.

One of the most important ways in which we minister is when our faith is challenged. 

Simply put, the manner in which we respond to allegations made about our faith can be the difference between salvation and condemnation of another’s soul.

Have you ever been presented with a question about God, Jesus, Scripture, or even perhaps Doctrine that you could not answer?  Have you had your faith challenged in such a way that you have felt anger in your heart? Have you had someone say something in regards of Jesus, God, Christianity, or the Bible that literally had smoke blowing out your ears?

If you have, you are not alone.

Today, as I sat doing some reading of author Lee Strobel’s  The Case For A Creator, I found myself reflecting on some of my own personal reactions to other’s views of my faith.

I have to say… it was a little disheartening. Needless to say, there is room for improvement and I could be showing a little more Christ like love to others.

Questions or ideology that I have a particularly hard time swallowing are:

  • The belief that Science disproves Christianity
  • The Theory of Divine Origin is Fiction
  • The Theory of Evolution is the explanation for man’s existence and the world’s formation
  • The Theory of Evolution and the Genesis account can both be true

These are not even beginning to touch on the tip of the ice burg, so that is why I am going to begin an extensive search through scripture…articles, prayer…and wherever else I am led to explore God and His existence as well as how to address these very controversial matters in ministry.

Each week, I am also going to try to push myself to pray that God not only lead me in this, but that perhaps  He might open my heart to compassion as well as patience for those who might challenge my faith or have beliefs and ideas about my faith that may be demeaning.

A Thought To Carry Today:

For even Paul, who once was an active protagonist against Christianity as a Pharisee over the Jewish people when presented the truth of Christ’s identity fell upon His knees and came to know as well as serve God. If God could reach him…who can’t He?

May God Bless You This Day…





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