I’m okay. You’re okay. It’s okay. Okay?

Have you actively watched or heard something that you knew was not right and done nothing simply out of fear of offending someone? Have you allowed an injustice, cruelty, or even active hate so as not to rock the boat? This morning, as I was reading a number of subscribed blogs I found a message from Steven Sawyer, blogger of For His Glory that truly gripped me. For there have been a number of times as of late, where I should have spoken or acted…and did not simply for the sake of keeping the peace…or avoiding confrontation. The truth is though…

When we do not speak the truth, lies are taken as truth.
When we do not want to hear the truth, the world around us becomes enveloped in lies.

We are falling prey to a number of Satan’s devices already…
When shall we let the truth set us free?

For His Glory

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One thought on “I’m okay. You’re okay. It’s okay. Okay?

  1. I’m very sensitive to injustice and sometimes I witness it without meddling because I am requested not to meddle, but most of the times confrontation seems like a small price to pay for me. That person will forever know that someone is not okay with that and is not afraid to say it.


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