A Christmas Prayer — In God’s Service * Following In Faith

Dear Lord, As we enter into the holiest of seasons, let us think back to a much simpler time. A time when, as children, we were taught the story of your birth. As we grew, we learned of your unselfish sacrifice and of your teachings and ministries that have been spread throughout the world. Now […]

via A Christmas Prayer — In God’s Service * Following In Faith

This prayer acted as a beautiful reminder to me, this cold day after Christmas, of the true beauty as well as meaning of the season. This holiday, while heavily scrutinized as well as subject of debate, due to the long questioned origins of celebration is one we often tend to allow ourselves to get ‘wrapped’ up in commercialism. We sometimes too fawn over gifts, packages, and items drawn up with pretty bows. Often, as a result, we forsake the most precious gift given us…

This prayer, I hope, comes as a blessing and sweet reminder of just what a wonderful gift life is and the joy as well as love, and laughter we give unto one another as Christ loved us.

May God Bless You….





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