The Lies We Tell Ourselves (Part I)

The Lies We Tell Ourselves (Part I) 

What we believe about God affects what we believe about everything else. For if we do not see God as He truly is, we not only will have a distorted perception of Him, we also will have a warped perception of ourselves as His creations. Seeing God as anything but what He is, is like wearing the wrong pair of glasses. For just as a near sighted person cannot wear glasses made for a far sighted person, we cannot perceive our Heavenly Father as something He is not without casting ourselves in a false image. 

Some Misconceptions We Believe About Ourselves

  • I Am Not Worth Anything
  • I Need To Learn To Love Myself
  • I Cannot Help The Way I Am 
  • I Have My Rights 
  • Physical Beauty Matters More Than Inner Beauty 
  • I Should Not Have To Live With Unfulfilled Longings

Do you struggle with any of these?  Looking these over, I admit, one or two of them had me gaping. So I cannot tell you how anxious I am to go diving head first into these little white lies that we tell ourselves.  Because, to be completely honest with you, at a first glance I would not comprehend how one or two of these might be lies.

Then I have an inkling that once we dig into God’s word, we are going to find that all these lies have a common denominator.


The Common Denominator

Why is it that our view on things can shift so heavily towards commonly held misconceptions?  If we really think about it, it is all a matter of PRIDE. Our view of our faith, our creator, and the world around us more often than not stems from:

  • What we get and what we are denied
  • What we endure and what we overcome 

There is nothing quite like damaged pride that shapes the very way we perceive God’s love for us, the need as well as power of our faith,


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