Lies About Marriage

Lies About Marriage

Since the dawn of time, Satan has waged war not only on God and His children but the sanctity of marriage. God designed marriage so as to reflect His glory and redemptive purposes, through which His love for us is personified. So when Satan threatened that sacred union by deceiving Eve in the garden, he dealt a blow to God’s eternal plan.

In convincing Eve that God lied and making sin alluring, she believed. When she did, she acted upon those beliefs. In doing so, she drew her husband Adam into sin with her. Their harmonious union was not the same after that.

  • Shame replaced Freedom
  • Secrets took the place of Transparency
  • Their coming together as one now had the wedge of animosity between them

In the words of one of Pat Benetar’s famous hits, their “Love is a Battlefield.” Marriage has been this way since the Fall in the Garden of Eden.

What Lies Does Satan Tell Us About Marriage?

  • I Have To Have A Husband/Wife To Be Happy
  • It Is My Responsibility To Change My Mate
  • My Husband/Wife Is Supposed To Serve Me
  • If I Submit To My Husband I Will Be Miserable




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