All In The Numbers

All In The Numbers Seven years ago, I worked in a church nursery.  It seemed like the perfect fit as I had just stopped nursing my oldest, and I enjoyed working with children. Imagine my surprise when my husband and I found out we were expecting our second child! Of course, in our enthusiasm, we […]

Parenthood: The Brooding Lies

Parenthood: The Brooding Lies A greater capacity for joy, sorrow, anger, love, pain, or disappointment cannot be felt than that in which lives within a mother or father’s heart. Whether it is a son or daughter, step-son or step-daughter,  a mother does not stop longing to hold that baby that grew up. Fathers too, never […]

Throwing In The Towel

Throwing In The Towel There is nothing more devastating to a marriage than the possibility of divorce. Too many of us, enter into a marriage with false illusions and expectations of what the union should be. We forget, or do not acknowledge one simple truth: The Only Place Where People Live “Happily Ever After” Are […]

Submission and Passiveness

Submission and Passiveness A lie we are told is: You can run your own life; you don’t have to submit to anyone else’s authority.  This deception is one of the first fallen for, as it is one of the great deceptions that resulted in Adam and Eve’s exile from the Garden of Eden.   Somehow […]

Love Me, Do As I Say

Love Me, Do As I Say The norms of marital roles are all about political correctness. We see it more and more now.  Men are coming home to take care of home, wife, and child. Women are becoming entrepreneurs and businesswomen. Likewise, we see it in our media. Have you watched Divorce Court? I confess […]