Parenthood: The Brooding Lies

Parenthood: The Brooding Lies

A greater capacity for joy, sorrow, anger, love, pain, or disappointment cannot be felt than that in which lives within a mother or father’s heart. Whether it is a son or daughter, step-son or step-daughter,  a mother does not stop longing to hold that baby that grew up. Fathers too, never stop loving their baby boy or girl.

These blood ties, these extra bonds make us moms and dads vulnerable. Especially, when it comes to lies we believe about our precious little angels.

These deceptions are the ones that I find the most horrifying as these lies can go beyond a single generation. If we allow ourselves to fall prey to them, we can, in turn, enable our children to fall into the same snare. That is the beginning of an ever downward cycle that can only end in the recognition of the lies and the acceptance of the divine truth.

What Are The Lies?

The lies that we succumb to when starting families are:

  • It’s Up To Us To Determine The Size Of Our Family
  • Children Need To Get Exposed To The Real World So That They Can Learn To Function In It
  • All Children Will Go Through A Rebellious Phase
  • I Know My Child Is A Christian Because He Prayed To Recieve Christ At An Early Age
  • We Are Not Responsible For How Our Children Turn Out

Close To Home

As a mother the discovery of some of these lies intimates me. These next three to six weeks may perhaps prove to be some of the most intense yet as I examine these ones by one.

Mommas out there, pray with me as we embark on this journey.  Pray that God equips us to be a light unto our children.


Fathers out there, pray God will bless you in His wisdom for you are today’s leaders, and your sons and daughters are tomorrow’s.



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