I’m Feeling…

I’m Feeling…

Emotions can be a driving force. They can also prove a force to be reckoned with. They’re powerful, sometimes overwhelmingly so. When we wrestle with our emotions, we open ourselves up to accept many deceptions.  The easiest one for us to accept is that our feelings should be repressed.

Some other lies we believe about our emotions are:

  • If I Can Feel It, It Must Be True
  • I Can’t Control How I Feel 
  • I Can’t Help How I React When…
  • The Answer To Depression Must First Be Sought In Medication or PsychoTherapy 

Emotions Aren’t The Problem 

Our having emotions isn’t the problem. As hard as it may be for us to comprehend or fathom, Our Heavenly Father has emotions.

That’s right, God has feelings too! Throughout scripture, God expresses a spectrum of them.

He’s joyful, angry, jealous, even sad.

Our emotions are a gift from God.

So What’s The Problem? 

The problem is that our emotions, like us, are tainted by the Fall.

The challenge, or problem, lies in expressing our emotions in a godly way.


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