Easter: Symbolism

Life has been hectic here. And sometimes when things get rough, I forget to take a  moment to thank God for His presence, His patience, and His love. So I am taking some time this weekend to look at the little things around me. 

A number of those, being in the colors and symbols we tend to associate with the Easter Holiday.  Perhaps too it might  be considered strange as a number of these symbols are also ones known to have Pagan origins.

In the end, God will be the judge. 

Ressurection Eggs

The Eggs

When I was a kid, my family did as a number today do. We painted and hunted for eggs Easter Morning. One thing I was never taught, the symbolism behind the eggs. No one told me that eggs were associated with life. So it seems only suiting that I further examine the beauty of that. 

A few years back a friend of mine introduced me to something that I am wanting to instill in my home and keep as a reminder of God’s love for us.  Resurrection Eggs… each egg is not only a different color, but as you open each one, in a particular order, the contents tell the story of Jesus. 

Which seems more than suiting when examining the aspect of life and the hereafter. As Jesus is the key to eternal life, when I look at Easter Eggs now, and experience the transition from pure white to all those bright spring colors… I am reminded of Jesus’ final hours and His unconditional love for us regardless of where we’re from and where we are in our walk of life. 

The Easter Bunny

When it came to allowing iconic symbols and characters like Santa and the Easter Bunny into my children’s lives, I hesitated. Especially seeing how commercialized both figures are and what they often tend to be associated with. Then, I changed my perspective. 

What and Who is the Easter Bunny? What does it represent? 

Traditionally, the Easter Bunny is associated with Fertility.  

As I began to read and research the origins of the holiday, the discovery of this makes me understand why a number of Christians relate this to their children. When I think of myself as a child and my relationship with God… I am reminded of my baptism and when I first believed. 

While I have fallen and had to get back up many times… my life was changed when I chose to follow Jesus. It continues to change on a daily basis too. The way in which I see, feel, think, and respond to things… its not the same way as it might have been say if I had never come to know Christ. 

Things like the Easter Bunny, a sunset, the first breaths I take in the morning… they all have meaning. Whether I realize them in that moment or not. That is why I do not shirk off symbolism entirely. Because sometimes, I think we all could use a little reminder of where we come from and the blessings that sometimes, we might forget when times get hard. Or we neglect in going about our day to day business. 

With that thought, I’ll leave you. Have a blessed and safe Easter weekend. 



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