Fired Up For God: Peter’s Passion & Anger

Fired Up For God: Peter’s Passion & Anger

It has been some time since I took a look at the life of Peter, and it is no coincidence that his temper stuck out for me this week. Because in much of my own experience with people and the injustices of the world, I have been much of a Peter myself. Passionate, but perhaps not always patient or forgiving. Though I admit, I wish I had his passion.

Of all Jesus’ disciples, Peter was perhaps the most fired up in terms of both passion and anger. While I cannot pretend to understand what the world was like in Jesus’ day, when I look at Peter and try to put him in today’s world…

I could almost see him being someone like me.  Maybe this could be thought to be a bit bold. But when reflecting on who Peter was in society back then, as a common man… even perhaps a worldly one… he is perhaps one of the most relate-able of Jesus’ disciples.

Why is this so?


To my shame, I curse when angry. Sometimes I even lash out without thinking because I believe or feel things quite strongly. My overall behavior could even be perceived as crude to others at times. Which, I have even, accredited to something along the lines of a sailor. Then, don’t a number of us say the same when we start to swear? I wonder if that is where the age old saying, cursing like a sailor came from.

After reflecting on the life of Peter, I think it’s possible.

Fishermen spent a lot of time out on the water. It is quite possible that they mingled with all sorts of people. Some of them being of questionable character. They likely got to immerse themselves in various cultures, languages, and morals.

Even with all the anger he felt, Peter had a love for Jesus that is beyond inspirational. In his short comings he made no excuses, but showed remorse. His trust and devotion to Jesus are things we rarely see in the world today.

That same humble background though, is what I believe made him such a powerful witness. For it is those who know hardship… who struggle… and have fallen that can truly attest to the power of faith.

An interesting article I read about Peter and his importance as a disciple touch on some of these things.

Who Was Peter & Why Was He So Important

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