James The Elder

James, like Peter, was known by more than one name. He was also called:

  • One of the “Sons of Thunder
  • James, “Son of Zebedee”
  • The Greater

The Apostle James

James, Son of Zebedee

He was one of four people in the New Testament with the name of James.  What is it though that makes this particular James so unique outside of being a disciple?

  • James was from humble beginnings. He was a fisherman.
  • James likely earned his name as one of the Sons of Thunder on account of his passion, ambition, and zeal.
  • James of Zebedee or James The Greater, was one of the first disciples to be martyred in roughly 44 AD.
  • He was also one of those inside Jesus’ inner circle of followers.
  • He was one of the few who witnessed the Transfiguration.
  • James The Greater is not the author of the book of the New Testament book of James. (Which I admit, I once believed, until I took the time to read a bit more about the book of James and begin studying James of Zebedee.)


2 thoughts on “James The Elder

  1. Hi, thank you for this article about James the Elder. Having read and studied him thoroughly, would you be able to tell if he was the writer of the three epistles: 1 John, 2John and 3 John since the writer of these books identifies his name to be The Elder? This is on one hand, on the other, he also speaks as being a witness to others.
    The reason why I don’t think the writer was John is the fact that he never said he was, there is not enough evidence that he was, and the fact that he was so easily dismissed by Diotrephes. The latter was a second generation believer and he must have been converted and raised to leadership at the hands of Paul. There were no known controversies between Paul and John. Though there were many between Paul and the Church of Jerusalem led by James and Peter.
    Thanks again and God bless you.


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